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"Our Puggle Hank is special, and we love him, but he is a very difficult pup.  We didn't know whether Brenda would be able to stick with a dog who refused to walk, listen, and was generally misbehaved.  We were pleasantly surprised to find that Brenda not only took him on for walking, but really put the effort in to help him become a better dog.  She's also really helped us as she's always open to answering questions related to training, diet, pretty much anything!  He has become so much better since walking with her, it's unbelievable.  What I like best is that I know Brenda cares as much about Hank as we do - I can completely trust her and knowing that he is in good hands every day lets us relax.  We also leave Hank with Brenda when we go out of town for extended periods of time, and he always comes back better behaved!  Brenda is trustworthy, reliable, honest, and most importantly, caring to our little Hank.  We don't know what we would do without her - she's completely irreplaceable!"  ---  Allison and Matt


"This is a huge, happy, love letter to our dog Walter's one and only Furry Godmother -- we love her almost as much as Walter does. The highlight of Walter's day is his outing with Brenda and her eclectic pack of furry friends. He sits patiently at the door, sometimes for as long as an hour, waiting for her arrival. When she does arrive, he can hardly contain his joy at seeing her and all his familiar playmates. And when Walter returns home, he curls up into a warm tuckered-out ball and with a big smile on his face, has a good long nap. As Walter's "parents," we are grateful and forever relieved that his Furry Godmother is in his life." --- Cornelia & Matt


"Brenda is the most caring, diligent, and accommodating dog walker I've had the pleasure of working with! My dog Siris is sometimes choosey about who her canine buddies are and doesn't really do off-leash parks, so we started her out on private walks.  Brenda took the time to get to know Siris, develop a bond with her, and then slowly introduce her to a small group that she fits into just fine. I feel great about the fact that she's getting the exercise she needs and on top of that socialization time with other dogs. Brenda's been amazing about adapting to my ever-changing schedule, not to mention some recent challenges Siris has had with limping due to elbow dysplasia.  I know Siris loves her walks with Brenda and the gang, and I love the peace of mind I get knowing she's getting exercised and being so well cared for while I'm at work. Thanks Brenda!" --- Andria


Brenda has been walking my Mini Schnauzer Zoe for over a year. In the first few weeks in Brenda's reliable and consistent care, Zoe matured dramatically into a confident and sociable dog. I feel safe and confident with Brenda walking Zoe, knowing that she has my vet's phone number and all emergency contacts. Brenda is also a key member of Zoe's extended family, welcoming Zoe into her home on nights when I am away from home. I can count on Brenda to call me if anything is out of the ordinary with Zoe, and to observe her closely when she has been ill. Once, when Zoe had been quite ill, Brenda arrived at my home for a let out. Unknown to her and I, there were some unscheduled maintenance workers in my apartment. After searching my apartment, she found Zoe hiding under my bed. She left a message on my cell, informing me that there was no way she could have left Zoe behind, and that she had taken Zoe back to her place for the afternoon! That event, among too many others to describe here, exemplifies Brenda's responsibility, compassion, flexibility and professionalism. I hope that you, too, will get to witness your pet transform and grow with Brenda's care!"  --- Taina



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